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The European debt crisis

How might Europe’s spiraling debt crisis affect the U.S. and its stalled economic recovery? To understand the potential impact, here are five things to know.


A ‘Grexit’ primer

Greece is once again on the brink of a financial collapse. How will its potential exit from the euro impact the rest of Europe, the global economy and the U.S. presidential election?


  Simon Johnson on Europe’s debt crisis

Simon Johnson, a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, talks with host Alison Stewart about how debt on both sides of the Atlantic will shape our economic futures for years to come.


Europe, pay up

What is the future of NATO when, as Robert Gates said, it has reached a point of “military irrelevance” and the U.S. foots so much of the bill? Joshua Foust considers the options.

Europe and the euro

Christine Lagarde on why the euro is vital to Europe and, indeed, to the world economy.


Catherine Ashton answers Henry Kissinger’s call

Henry Kissinger once famously asked, “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” The answer is Catherine Ashton, the EU’s first foreign policy chief.

Scandals rock British government, threatening fragile coalition

The new British government of Prime Minister David Cameron, less than three weeks old, was rocked on Saturday by the resignation of one of its most senior members.

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