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Photo: Savage beauty

A retrospective of the work of fashion designer Alexander McQueen was shown to journalists Monday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the first such show since the designer’s suicide last year.


Fashionable Paris

For more than seven days, photographer Stefano de Luigi dodged needles and irons, surly models, racks of clothing and dozens of workers documenting the chaos backstage at Paris Fashion Week, “Prêt-à-Porter” Spring/Summer 2011 collection.


How ballet changed the world

NTK contributor Jessa Crispin talks to author Mary E. Davis about the Ballets Russes and how it influenced every facet of the art world, from music and dance to fashion and design.


Cramping our style: Why copyright protection will hurt fashion

If a new bill passes, the fashion industry could at long last get some copyright protection. But Johanna Blakley explains why the industry is better off without it.


Hot Coco

The Chanel bio is suddenly en vogue.

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