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From ‘treasonous’ to ‘banana republic,’ Republicans continue to deride the Federal Reserve

Republicans are continuing to attack the Federal Reserve after the central bank announced a new round of monetary stimulus intended to spur growth in the anemic economy.

  Video: Presidentiality: 'Treason?'

  Presidentiality: ‘Treason?’

In this new web series, Need to Know dissects the rhetoric of the campaign trail. This week: The annals of “treason” are filled with some of history’s most reviled traitors. Now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has suggested a new candidate: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.


Fed belatedly discloses top ‘discount window’ borrowers

A lawyer for the Federal Reserve dropped off previously undisclosed loan documents at the Washington, D.C,. office of Bloomberg News this morning, marking the end of a three-year struggle to compel the Fed to disclose who borrowed from its “discount window” during the 2007 financial crisis.


Financial reform clears Senate, but some say it’s not enough

The financial reform bill vastly reshapes federal agencies and creates several more, including one to monitor financial markets and another to police lending.


New gift-card rules

Five things you need to know about the Federal Reserve’s new rules governing gift cards.

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