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Fixing America


  Fixing America: Immigration reform

Following the Obama administration’s announcement to exempt several thousand young undocumented immigrants from deportation, Need to Know’s panel of experts discuss the nation’s need for immigration reform.

Poll: Immigration reform

  Fixing America: Christine Quinn on the path to LGBT equality

Christine Quinn, speaker of the New York City Council, offers her ideas about how LGBT communities can achieve equality.


  Fixing government: DJ Spooky on investing in the arts

The multimedia artist and writer says that investing in the arts can help Americans unleash their imagination during tough economic times.


  Fixing government: Christine Quinn on getting government out of small businesses’ way

Small businesses are often touted as the backbone of the American economy, but New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn says they often see government as an obstruction.


  Fixing government: Anna Holmes on getting politicians to communicate

Jezebel founding editor Anna Holmes suggests mandatory communications courses for members of Congress to encourage understanding and civil debate between parties.


  Fixing government: Anil Dash on a social media revolution for policymakers

Technology writer and entrepreneur Anil Dash proposes that policymakers use social media to find out what their constituents want.


  Fixing government: Bret Stephens on raising the bar for government officials

Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens argues that the government needs stricter standards for hiring and firing to attract and retain the nation’s best and brightest.


  Fixing government: Elliot Ackerman on making 2012 a ‘three-horse race’

Elliot Ackerman talks about “Americans Elect,” an independent movement to allow ordinary Americans to nominate a candidate outside the two-party system.


  Fixing government: Walter Kirn on creating a virtual Congress

Walter Kirn, who wrote the novel “Up in the Air,” says the way to fix Congress is to make all the representatives live fulltime in their districts. That way, he says, they would be forced to deal with their constituents after each controversial vote.

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