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Alice Waters on eco-gastronomy in public schools

The pioneer of the organic, sustainable, local food movement says that food should cost more but be free to school children.


In defense of the evil, awful Happy Meal toy

Sure, they lure “unsuspecting little children” into the supercaloric underworld. But they’re really cute.


Delightful dishes for fireside gorging

The message from Jane Lawson’s cookbook of winter food is clear: Baby, it’s cold outside. Let’s stay in and … gorge ourselves.


Home remedies for Seasonal Appetite Disorder

Savor the last, bright flavors of summer in these hearty, pre-fall recipes.


  Food safety and the egg recall

Need to Know talks to reporter Gardiner Harris about food safety and regulations that are highlighted by this latest case of tainted eggs.


Mmm! Good enough to blog

Rhubarb tart with lemon verbena. Kohlrabi salad. Baby barracuda. Mouth-watering recipes are just a mouse click away thanks to the ever-expanding food blogosphere.

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