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Tim Tebow, Bill Maher and me

In a bifurcated, dichotomized, red-blue America, is it possible to be a fan of both Tim Tebow and Bill Maher? Need to Know’s Tom Casciato makes the case for how both men are more alike than some might think.


  Blood on the grass

VII photojournalist Ron Haviv gives us an emotional look at a group of young men and their coach playing American football in Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico.


  The dogs are (still) alright

After serving two years in prison for running a brutal dog fighting ring, Michael Vick got a second chance. But what happened to the dogs? In an update to our January story, we revisit the remarkable rescue and redemption of Vick’s former fighting dogs.


Swallowing the whistle: Why we choose to do nothing when the stakes are high

Whether it’s a foul at the end of a basketball game or a an out-of-control train bearing down on four innocent people, human beings often choose to do nothing. Why? Sports Illustrated senior writer Jon Wertheim, author of “Scorecasting,” explains.


A colorful ‘Sam’s Army’ marches through South Africa

The American team showed a lot of grit in South Africa, and the American fans, who seem to have more enthusiasm for their team than even the Europeans do, even more so.


  The World What?

The world’s most popular sport owes something to the U.S. — and Americans could stand to learn a thing or two about soccer


At World Cup, vuvuzela may give South African music a bad name

A South African musicologist fears the vuvuzela, which produces a loud droning noise on television, will give his country’s music a bad name.

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