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  The nuclear option: Should the U.S. invest more, not less, in nuclear energy?

Despite Japan’s Fukushima disaster, now is not the time for America to give up on nuclear energy, says MIT Professor Richard K. Lester.

Poll: The future of nuclear power in the U.S.
  Video: The case against nuclear power

  A solution for nuclear waste?

As the U.S. continues to try to resolve the decades old issue of what to do with nuclear waste, Need to Know visits a possible solution a half mile below the desert in New Mexico. Alison Stewart goes underground for a tour.


  Double fault: Nuclear safety at Diablo Canyon

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is situated near two fault lines, and at least one critic is questioning whether the utility that owns the plant is doing all it needs to to ensure that it can safely withstand the kind of earthquake some seismologists believe is possible.


How much radiation is too much? A handy guide

How does radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear plant compare with that from an X-ray? From a banana? The creator of the web comic XKCD provided this helpful chart.

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