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gay marriage


Loving and marriage

Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival. So decreed the United States Supreme Court in Loving v. Virginia, the aptly titled 1967 landmark case that reaffirmed marriage as a fundamental right and overturned the nation’s anti-miscegenation laws, i.e., laws that told people who they could […]


Across the gay marriage spectrum

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in 11 countries including Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Argentina. In the United States, nine states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing gay marriage. Today, England and Wales are joining the list. The BBC reports the Commons voted in favor of the Marriage (Same Sex […]


Gay marriage in front of the big bench

It all began in 2004, when Mayor Gavin Newsom famously opened San Francisco’s City Hall to gay couples wanting to marry. That action paved the way for Proposition 8 and all of the litigation that’s followed.


  Farewell to “In the Life”

The groundbreaking newsmagazine “In the Life” ends its 20-year broadcast run this month. Watch the final episode above. It’s an illuminating look at the show’s coverage of major issues — and at how much has changed in 20 years. You can still view “In the Life’s” archive online. Find out what In the Life Media […]


Gay marriage wins in Maine

While some groups — including the National Organization for Marriage — claim otherwise, much of the data available points to a significant shift in American public opinion on gay and lesbian marriage since 2001. According to Pew Research Center reports from this year, growing support for same-sex marriage is no longer limited to card-carrying liberals. […]


  A historic election

Some years ago, the famed conservative William F. Buckley told me in a public conversations that the culture war is over—and my side lost.” Had Mr. Buckley been alive, he would have looked at last Tuesday’s outcomes and said, “as I was saying…”


  David Brody on gay marriage in the 2012 election

Will issues like same-sex marriage determine the outcome of the 2012 election for states with large numbers of evangelical voters? David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network discusses.


As Democrats despair over Obama, there’s one issue left that could re-energize his base

Liberals are dissatisfied with the president’s economic approach. But there’s one issue left that could re-energize Obama’s base: gay marriage.


Maryland governor promises renewed gay marriage push, just in time for 2012 election

Martin O’Malley said he would campaign more aggressively for the measure after taking a back seat earlier this year. The fight could come just as the 2012 election beings in earnest.

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