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  Before and after the Minot flood, and a plan to rebuild

After flooding in the past two weeks, the city of Minot, North Dakota, is still largely underwater, but an ambitious plan is unfolding to protect it the next time. See interactive satellite images.


  Before and after: A controversial flood plan put to use

The town of Cairo, Ill., was saved last week when Army engineers opened a levee to divert surging floodwaters as part of a controversial plan first authorized in 1928.


  Before and after: Tuscaloosa in the tornadoes’ path

The tornadoes that tore across the south last week left a devastating trail of loss and destruction. Comparative satellite images provide a vivid portrait of what was lost.


Google maps a new world order

The tech behemoth has found itself at the center of a brewing international incident between Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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