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Hamid Karzai


Marjah one year on

Few reporters have visited Marjah, in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, since a major offensive began there a year ago. And when they do, writes Joshua Foust, they’re not reporting on Marjah so much as peripheral issues like cross-dressing interpreters.


  Steve Brodner: A home in Afghanistan, but whose?

Need to Know’s resident editorial cartoonist looks at Afghanistan’s future through the eyes of all the power players envisioning a favorable outcome — for themselves.


  NATO prepares to transfer authority in Afghanistan

Need to Know analyzes the U.S. counterinsurgency effort in Afghanistan, following the Army’s 71st Cavalry Shadow Troop. And Jon Meacham talks with South Asian military expert Christine Fair.


  Need to Know, September 17, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan. Neglect and abuse in adult family homes. And Andy Borowitz looks back at his best prognostications.


Institutional corruption in Afghanistan

As Afghanistan prepares to elect a new parliament this weekend, Need to Know talks with Tom Gregg of the Center for International Cooperation on corruption in the government of Hamid Karzai.

The Afghan elections

Afghanistan’s second parliamentary election is happening on Saturday. Here are five things you need to know about it.


  Who is Hamid Karzai?

Satirist Steve Brodner contemplates the identity of the embattled Afghan leader.


  Need to Know, May 14, 2010

Full episode, May 14, 2010. Afghanistan, rewriting history in Texas, preventing cancer.


  The last outpost

A U.S. military team stationed at a tiny, embattled outpost near the Afghan-Pakistan border works to train members of the Afghan National Army.

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