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health care reform


  The Massachusetts mandate

Need to Know medical correspondent Emily Senay, M.D. traveled to Massachusetts to see how health reform is working there. She talked to doctors, insurers, politicians, small business owners, and the people most affected by the state legislation – patients in search of affordable care.

Poll: The health care question
Video: Health care reform and the ER

  Health care reform and the ER

Peter Smulowitz, M.D., says ER visits increased immediately after Massachusetts health reform.


Poll: The health care question

Should health insurance be mandatory? Vote in our poll.


  Atul Gawande: End-of-life counseling improves — and even extends — lives

As health care is attached in Congress and the courts, Dr. Atul Gawande discusses the quiet removal of one controversial provision: funding for end-of-life counseling, the so-called ‘death panels.’


  Planning for the final months: End-of-life care

As Congress continues to battle over funding for end-of-life counseling, NOW on PBS takes a first-hand look at how doctors help their patients plan for their final months.

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