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Poll: The health care question

Should health insurance be mandatory? Vote in our poll.


  American Voices: A combat doctor on caring for our returning veterans

Dr. Todd Baker, who ran an emergency room in a military hospital in Baghdad, offers ideas about how to care for returning vets.


  Reihan Salam: ‘There is good job creation and there is bad job creation’

Reihan Salam of The National Review argues that private initiatives, not federal subsidies, are the way to get the country back on track.


Military superbug, quiet civilian epidemic

Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are battling a bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics. While the military is confronting the problem, it may be a growing concern for civilian hospitals in the U.S.


  Atul Gawande: End-of-life counseling improves — and even extends — lives

As health care is attached in Congress and the courts, Dr. Atul Gawande discusses the quiet removal of one controversial provision: funding for end-of-life counseling, the so-called ‘death panels.’


  Planning for the final months: End-of-life care

As Congress continues to battle over funding for end-of-life counseling, NOW on PBS takes a first-hand look at how doctors help their patients plan for their final months.



A week in a large, busy emergency room in Brooklyn, as seen through the lens of VII photographer Ashley Gilbertson.


  Inside the mind of cancer: An interview with Sid Mukherjee

After decades of research, there’s a lot that we know about cancer, but what about its personality? Sid Mukherjee’s new “biography of cancer” tells the story of this deadly disease.


Using cell phones to deliver health care to African children

In Africa, more people have access to mobile phones than treatment for diarrhea. Innovators are using the ubiquitous phones to improve health care services.

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