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housing crisis


  Fighting foreclosures in Nevada

Why haven’t federal efforts to stem the tide of foreclosures had a bigger impact? Need to Know travels to Nevada, on the eve of the GOP caucuses there, to examine the state with one of the worst foreclosure problems in the nation.


Poll: The housing crisis

Should the federal government act to prevent home foreclosures? Vote in our poll.


Obama plan helps more Americans refinance mortgages but underwhelms policy analysts

In the face of a rigid Congress, President Obama is taking to executive orders to help jumpstart the economy. The first item: expanding mortgage refinancing for Americans underwater in debt.


Study reveals historic highs in the racial wealth gap

Recent data shows that the racial wealth gap is the highest it has been in 25 years.


The Watch List: The foreclosure scandal

Need to Know’s Jon Meacham provides context for the home foreclosure fraud scandal and discusses the latest revelations with Michael Hudson, author of “The Monster: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America — and Spawned a Global Crisis.”


Report: Black-white wealth gap is widening

A new report says the disparity in wealth between black and white Americans has multiplied fourfold since 1984.

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