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Arizona preps for SB 1070 ruling

Anticipating at least a partial Supreme Court victory, Gov. Jan Brewer has updated her instructions on how Arizona law enforcement must be trained to implement the 2010 state law aimed at undocumented immigrants.


Poll: Immigration reform

How should the U.S. handle undocumented immigrants? Vote in our poll.


  Making it in America

This week, Need to Know travels to Atlanta to understand the impact that immigrant entrepeneurs have on the region’s economic success.


  Pasarse de la raya en la frontera (Crossing the line at the border)

En colaboracion con el Fondo Investigativo del Nation Institute, Need to Know investiga si los agentes fronterizos de Estados Unidos utilizaron fuerza excesiva para reducir la inmigracion ilegal.


  Thoai Nguyen on bridging the racial divide through hip hop

A Vietnamese-American essayist, Thoai Nguyen, talks about tensions in the inner city of Philadelphia between African-Americans and newly arrived south Asian immigrants.


  Presidentiality: Herman Cain and the electrified fence

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain wants to build an electrified fence on the U.S.-Mexico border that could “kill” illegal immigrants. But as history shows, immigrants have braved much worse in pursuit of a new and better life on American soil.


Attacks over illegal immigration fly in Vegas debate

In Tuesday’s debate in Las Vegas, the subject of illegal immigration provoked one of the most biting exchanges between Romney and Perry that the race has seen yet.


‘Lost in Detention’ spotlights government’s controversial Secure Communities program

Secure Communities, the federal government’s controversial immigration program, is increasingly coming under fire as the Obama administration plans to expand it nationwide.


Focus on immigration as Supreme Court heads into new term

Immigration promises to be one of the most-watched issues on the Supreme Court’s highly politicized docket this term.

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