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U.K. immigrants must speak the queen’s English

The U.K. is now requiring non-European immigrant spouses to take an English language test.


Next week’s news

Andy Borowitz predicts the headlines. Next week: Hugo Chavez professes his love for Justin Bieber. And Sarah Palin makes a not-so-shocking admission.


Is school out on ethnic studies in Arizona?

Less than a month after signing into law an immigration bill that has divided citizens and politicians alike, Ariz. Governor Jan Brewer approved a measure that restricts ethnic studies in the state’s public school curriculums.


Why now, why Arizona? Misconceptions about Mexican migration

Last week, Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona signed the nation’s strictest immigration law, sparking fear among Hispanics, controversy across the nation, and even the wrath of even the President. Shoshana Guy asks, why now, and why Arizona?

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