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BP struggles to cap leak as officials grow frustrated with response

As BP prepared what it called a “top kill” procedure to stop the leak, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said flatly that he did not have faith in the company.

Texas school board approves controversial textbook changes

The Texas education board approved sweeping changes to its state curriculum that would give social studies books a more conservative bent.


Auto carve-out awaits Senate vote

The Senate’s financial reform bill includes an amendment that would exempt car dealers from new lending regulations.

Spy chief resigns, highlighting agency dysfunction

Spy chief Dennis Blair’s resignation reflects lost confidence in his ability to coordinate the 16 intelligence agencies he oversees.

French officials search for thieves behind shocking art heist

Paris officials issued a public plea to to thieves behind a brazen art heist, begging them not to damage the pieces.


Financial reform clears Senate, but some say it’s not enough

The financial reform bill vastly reshapes federal agencies and creates several more, including one to monitor financial markets and another to police lending.


Sanctions for Iran, but at what cost?

New sanctions may prevent Iran from building a nuclear bomb. But the deal could hurt broader efforts to control the spread of nuclear weapons around the world.

Pakistan blocks Facebook over ‘Draw Mohammed’ controversy

Pakistani officials announced that they were blocking access to Facebook because of a competition urging users to draw the Prophet Muhammad.

Calderon talks immigration, gun control in visit to U.S.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon urged lawmakers to take action on two issues at the heart of domestic politics in the United States: immigration and gun control.

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