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Outsourcing the law to India

Memo to this year’s graduating law students: Your first job is already gone — to India. The law firms of America, and their clients, have quietly decided that the work a first-year associate typically performs — such as document review, research and contract drafting — can be done more cheaply. And the cheaper team lives […]


  God’s prostitutes

In 2007, while on assignment in India, photojournalist Julia Cumes traveled to southern India where she documented what’s known as the devadasi system: the Hindu religious tradition in which young girls are ritually “married” to the Hindu goddess Yellamma. Once married, the girls are no longer allowed to marry men, but instead become devadasis, or […]


  In India, a climate of power

President Obama reached an unusual clean energy agreement with India during his trip there last week. So what role does this emerging power play in the fight against climate change?


Fighting corruption in India, one ‘zero rupee’ at a time

India is an emerging power, and its economy has soared in recent years. But the growth has been strangled by pervasive corruption. Now, one activist is fighting to change that — one “zero rupee” at a time.


Conflict and contrast in Kashmir

Need to Know presents VII Magazine, a new journalistic partnership with VII Photo, which offers our readers unprecedented intimate access to the work of the world’s leading photojournalists. Every day, our partners at VII will showcase a new photo, and each week, a new video or audio slideshow. This week: Photos and video by Marcus […]


The Bhopal disaster

An Indian court has finally convicted seven executives in the deadly Bhopal chemical leak, nearly 26 years after the incident. Here’s what you need to know about the case.

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