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To shrink or not to shrink? Your comments on urban renewal

What’s the best course of action for cities with blighted neighborhoods — downsizing or reinventing the unused space? Add your thoughts.


Brits weigh in on America’s transportation network

The Economist tells it like it is — or isn’t.


  Building the next America: Ed Rendell makes the case for spending on high-speed rail

Republicans and President Obama are at odds again, this time over the administration’s plan to invest in high-speed rail. Ed Rendell makes the case for spending to improve the nation’s infrastructure.


Photo: Well, well, it’s World Water Day!

Celebrating freshwater and lamenting its lack across the world.


Train in vain? Obama’s high-speed rail plan is more ‘I think I can’ than ‘Yes, we can’

Transportation Desk: Despite $8 billion proposed for high-speed rail, Obama’s plan is more ‘I think I can’ than ‘Yes, we can.’


  Historian Alan Brinkley on a new ‘New Deal’

Jon Meacham talks with historian Alan Brinkley about President Obama’s ambitious government programs and whether a second New Deal is possible or practical in today’s world of political partisanship.


  Graying in the suburbs: A Blueprint America special report

A large number of older Americans are living in car-dependent suburbs, but what happens when it’s time to take their keys away? Maria Hinojosa reports.


  Building for health

This week on our Karr on Culture podcast: Can better urban infrastructure make Americans healthier?


  For high-speed rail, a tale of two governors

President Obama’s vision for high-speed rail has been rejected by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, and embraced by Illinois governor Patrick Quinn, a Democrat.

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