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Trending secret sneaker lust, and other uses of Google Correlate

We search, therefore we are? Google’s new Correlate makes connections between what we are searching for online and in life, among other uses.


Douglas Rushkoff wants you to do something

The media theorist thinks we should control Facebook before it controls us. He also wants us to learn to code and grow some vegetables.


Evgeny Morozov on the era of cyber-pragmatism

The Internet helped mobilize the protests in the Middle East — but it also routinely helps authoritarian governments quash dissent, says Evgeny Morozov.


Could our government shut down the Internet?

Egyptians are back online. But the five days they spent cut off from the outside world have left many wondering if the same thing could ever happen here.


Is WikiLeaks driving Bank of America to seize domain names?

Wikileaks is reportedly set to leak five gigs of Bank of America documents, and the company may already be working to protect its image, writes G.W. Shultz.


Internet killed the video star

Interactivity is the web’s strong suit, and it’s hard to image the future of the music video taking place anywhere else.


  Need to Know, August 13, 2010

This week on Need to Know: An epidemic of gun violence in Chicago. Is the Google-Verizon a deal a pact for good, or evil? And Andy Borowitz takes a cue from JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater.


  Verizon, Google and the future of the Internet

Some fear that a pact between the two companies announced this week could undermine equal access to the internet. We talk to Need to Know contributor Rick Karr to find out what’s at stake.


  Google and the ‘great firewall’

As China defended its policy of web censorship, Need to Know spoke with Google’s chief legal officer about his company’s own run-in with China’s censors.

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