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  Military families struggle with the war at home

The emotional impact of combat on those serving in the military is well recognized. But what about the military families left behind? We profile three families to see the sacrifices military spouses and children make every day.


Military superbug, quiet civilian epidemic

Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq are battling a bacteria that’s resistant to antibiotics. While the military is confronting the problem, it may be a growing concern for civilian hospitals in the U.S.


What’s wrong with the U.S. intelligence community?

Is the intelligence community relying too much on politically biased reports about Iran, or is the problem, as Joshua Foust argues, that their conclusions are foregone?


Tim Pawlenty, neocon?

The former Minnesota governor has tried to burnish his public image by adopting a hawkish foreign policy platform in the early days of the campaign.


  No silver bullet to combat IEDs

Improvised explosive devices have been the single deadliest weapon used against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Pentagon has spent $17 billion trying to develop a ‘silver bullet’ device to end the scourge of roadside bombs. Has it worked, and how has all that money been spent?


Heavy on bluster, low on facts

A U.S. military task force aimed at developing Iraq’s economy has made some big strides, like computerizing the Iraqi banking sector, but Joshua Foust asks, how much has it really accomplished?


  Another Memorial Day at war

Jon Meacham reflects on why war feels distant to so many Americans — and why the burden of military sacrifice weighs heavily on so few.


  Look no further: The military’s detainee abuse investigation task force

In a joint investigation with the Nation Institute Investigative Fund, Need to Know reveals the inner workings of a little-known U.S. military task force charged with examining cases of detainee abuse in Iraq.


Burying the lede

Joshua Foust: Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings had a story about how the military influences public opinion, but he buried it.

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