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  Crisis mappers: Mobile technology helps disaster victims worldwide

A breakthrough technology that uses cell phones to aid people in disasters is now being used to help victims of the tornadoes in the Midwest, the earthquake in Japan and the unrest in the Middle East.


The news, by any means necessary

As newsprint gives way to online media, one Japanese daily reverted to an even more old-fashioned publishing approach in a time of crisis: delivering information via pen and paper.


Emperor Akihito

Unlike his predecessors, Japan’s emperor speaks the people’s language and is married to a commoner. He also knows a lot about fish.


U.S. is due for a sizable quake, but not because of Japan’s

A quake expert explains why recent temblors across the globe don’t make one in the U.S. any more likely — and why there is still cause for concern.


How much radiation is too much? A handy guide

How does radiation from Japan’s damaged nuclear plant compare with that from an X-ray? From a banana? The creator of the web comic XKCD provided this helpful chart.


  The crisis in Japan: What it means for nuclear power in the U.S.

Michael Levi, a nuclear expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the future of nuclear power here and around the world after Japan’s earthquake.


  Essay from Japan: A self-inflicted ‘third atomic bomb’

Need to Know correspondent Abby Leonard reports from Japan, where she spoke with a survivor of the Hiroshima nuclear attack about the country’s most recent nuclear crisis.


Photo: Empty shelves

As shoppers stock up on food in parts of Japan, stores go empty.

  7 days in Japan

A gallery of images: The extent of devastation from Friday’s tsunami is just beginning to be assessed on the northeast coast of Japan, while survivors struggle to find basic supplies and engineers scramble to cool damaged reactors at a nuclear power plant there.

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