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A chilling aural portrait of the deadly earthquake near Japan

A sound programmer from Brooklyn produces eerie sound sculptures of the seismic activity from Japan’s devastating earthquake.


Digital tools to track the aftermath of Japan’s tsunami

Google and the crisis-mapping service Ushahidi have launched new platforms that enable users to track information about the tsunami online.


Photo: Earthquake, then tsunami slam Japan

A devastating earthquake hit Japan Friday afternoon, triggering a massive, 23-foot tsunami that swept away cars and houses.


Photo: Little robots run circles around competition

It is being touted as an endurance event. 26 miles. Four days. 423 laps around a 110-yard indoor racetrack. It’s grueling. It’s nonstop. It’s being covered live on the Internet. It’s also being run by very small robots.


Photo: Ninja toddler

Shizuku Morita of Tokyo, 3, comes out of a dressing room in his ninja costume during a Japan Week event to promote Japanese culture and tourism to Iga city, one of the birthplaces of what we now refer to as the ninja

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