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Jon Meacham In Perspective


  In Perspective: Jon Meacham on the delicate balance between public and private

As the Republican presidential debates continue, Jon Meacham weighs in on the complicated balance between government and the private sector.


  In Perspective: Jon Meacham on ‘The Last Mountain’ and ‘moments’ of environmental concern

Jon Meacham discusses a new documentary, “The Last Mountain,” about the destructiveness of the West Virginia coal mining industry, and argues for a consensus on a national energy plan.


  Another Memorial Day at war

Jon Meacham reflects on why war feels distant to so many Americans — and why the burden of military sacrifice weighs heavily on so few.


Jon Meacham: Why the world won’t end tomorrow

Will the world end tomorrow? Jon Meacham’s take on the latest purported coming of the rapture, May 21.


Jon Meacham: A salute to Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Jon Meacham looks back on the career of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who retires this year, after serving both Democratic and Republican administrations with distinction.


Jon Meacham: After bin Laden’s death, will Obama seize the opportunity to move forward?

The death of Osama bin Laden gives President Obama a new opportunity to adjust the nation’s agenda and focus on improving national security by investing in America’s economic future, says Jon Meacham.


  Common-sense rules for a ‘moneyed political culture that knows no limits’

As President Obama weighs an executive order that would require federal contractors to disclose their political spending, Jon Meacham discusses why we need limits on our ‘moneyed political culture.’


  What if there’s no hell? One pastor’s controversial question

Does hell exist? Jon Meacham comments on one evangelical minister’s controversial book, and on the importance of doubt.


Jon Meacham: Allow non-native Americans to run for president

Jon Meacham explains the reasoning behind the Framers’ decision to allow only native-born Americans to run for president, and argues that it’s time to repeal that part of the Constitution.

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