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  Blood on the grass

VII photojournalist Ron Haviv gives us an emotional look at a group of young men and their coach playing American football in Juarez, the most violent city in Mexico.


Déjà vu in Juarez, Mexico

Despite efforts on the part of both Mexico and the U.S., the death toll marches on, writes Need to Know’s Shoshana Guy.


  Need to Know, May 21, 2010

Mexico’s drug war, pot clinics


  The trouble in Juarez

Mexico has been mired in a bloody conflict with drug cartels. Need to Know traveled to the border to speak with Mexicans affected by the violence.

Calderon talks immigration, gun control in visit to U.S.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon urged lawmakers to take action on two issues at the heart of domestic politics in the United States: immigration and gun control.

  El Paso teens talk about drug violence

Teens in El Paso, Texas, talk about drugs, violence and death on both sides of the border.


A walk to Juarez

Producer Shoshana Guy describes the fear she felt crossing the bridge into Juarez, Mexico, but says Mexican journalists are the ones with the real cojones.

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