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Julian Assange


The Stratfor files: Much ado about nothing

Much like Cablegate, WikiLeak’s latest data dump will go a long way toward making both the government and the corporations that work with government agencies more secretive and less transparent, writes contributor Joshua Foust.


The real global thinkers

Foreign Policy’s annual list of top global thinkers is almost as interesting as the people who failed to secure a spot in the prestigious lineup, writes Joshua Foust.


Julian Assange: hacker, transparency advocate, horrible houseguest

You may hate Julian Assange or you may admire him. But whatever you do, don’t let him stay in your house.


Why is rape different?

Naomi Wolf on why Julian Assange’s rape accusers deserve to be named.


WikiLeaks hurts the cause of transparency

Joshua Foust says that in the wake of Wikileaks, agencies are clamping down on access to information, making it harder to connect the dots.

  White House and WikiLeaks founder discuss release of records

Julian Assange, the elusive founder of WikiLeaks, defended his organization’s release of more than 91,000 confidential military documents on the war in Afghanistan.

The Wiki leak is more and less important than you think

Radical transparency sounds like a really great idea until you ponder the real consequences.


Secret reports posted by WikiLeaks paint grim portrait of Afghan war

Confidential military records obtained by the group WikiLeaks paint a more complex and, in many cases, bleaker portrait of the war in Afghanistan than U.S. officials have publicly maintained.

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