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Karr on Culture


  Connection crash

Is our political system going the way of the record industry? Culture correspondent Rick Karr talks to John Perry Barlow, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and former Grateful Dead lyricist, about the political consequences of our increasingly fragmented and data-rich culture.


  Big media, big pharma and ‘female Viagra’

How has the media handled the coverage of the “little pink pill”? Rick Karr and guest Jeffrey Dvorkin discuss.


  Looking for the ‘little pink pill’

Pharmaceutical firms are hoping for a “female Viagra,” while critics say the proposed cures may be snake-oil.


  Ballot boxing

Nearly 10 years after hanging chads and butterfly ballots decided the presidential election, the way we vote still hasn’t changed.


  Forbidden fruit

Three things you need to know about the iPhone affair.

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