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Main Street: Findlay, Ohio

How many times during the past several years have you heard one commentator or another express the same familiar lament? “We just don’t make anything anymore.” Of course, it’s not true. Not even close. No country exports more than the United States except China. What is true is that millions of manufacturing jobs have been […]


Modern manufacturing 101

The demand for skilled labor continues to expand — but the global workforce has not necessarily caught up. Over the past few decades, American manufacturers have increasingly looked abroad for skilled workers to fill the supply gap. A McKinsey and Company report published in 2012, The world at work: Jobs, pay and skills for 3.5 […]


  Mickey Kantor: ‘NAFTA, on balance, has been good’

Ray Suarez interviews Mickey Kantor, the U.S. Trade Representative under President Clinton, on the legacy of the North American Free Trade Agreement.


  After NAFTA

Nearly twenty years after the passage of the most controversial trade deal in recent U.S. history, Need to Know explores how NAFTA continues to impact communities today.

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