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Fast and too furious?

In the weeks following the tragic Boston bombings, the American public has had time to reflect on the mainstream media’s coverage of the crisis. Several news outlets have been criticized for their inaccurate reporting of critical details. Lucy Dalglish, Dean of the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland argues that because in […]


On Boston: The benefit of a reporter’s perspective

A journalist can never become a part of the story. But journalists do have the power to alter the course of events, if they lose their objectivity.


Looking back on Iraq

This week marks ten years since United States forces invaded Iraq in March, 2003. News outlets across the country have resurfaced their coverage of the American occupation, as well as produced new content about the repercussions of the decade-long conflict.


Reading roundup 2012

The end of every calendar year delivers a mass of “best of” listings. Every publication and and personality seems to feel the need to have their say about topics from royal news to sports photos. But there is an subsection of these offerings well worth investigating — the best reads, especially the best long reads, […]

  The world reacts to Newtown

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  Farewell to “In the Life”

The groundbreaking newsmagazine “In the Life” ends its 20-year broadcast run this month. Watch the final episode above. It’s an illuminating look at the show’s coverage of major issues — and at how much has changed in 20 years. You can still view “In the Life’s” archive online. Find out what In the Life Media […]


Portrait of ‘right-wing’ suspect in Oslo attacks emerges as ‘Jihadist’ link is debunked

The suspect in the bombing and subsequent shooting was described as a “right-winger with anti-Muslim views.” Some commentators, however, had seized on the now-debunked link to Islamic militants.


Burying the lede

Joshua Foust: Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings had a story about how the military influences public opinion, but he buried it.


  A revolution in the streets, but not in the paper

Editor Mona Anis was working for an Egyptian government mouthpiece newspaper by day and protesting the government by night.

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