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As lawmakers push rival debt plans, only one person is still seeking compromise: Obama

A “grand bargain” would seem impossible at this point, but Obama is still pushing for one. Lawmakers in both parties meanwhile, planned votes on their rival debt plans.


  Drugs in the system: Foster children and antipsychotic medication

Foster children are some of the most medicated children in the nation. Need to Know provides an update to our investigation into the use of powerful antipsychotics in our foster care systems.


The battle over Medicare and Medicaid

What would the Republicans’ newly proposed changes to Medicare and Medicaid mean to Americans? With interviews and animation, Need to Know delves into the details.


Need to Know, April 8, 2011: Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Medicare, Edwidge Danticat

We visit Hispaniola, where the Dominican Republic is beginning to deport Haitian refugees. Also: author Edwidge Danticat and Republican Medicare proposals.

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