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mental health


Families and the debate on mental health

It’s rare that an entire nation debates mental health care. I’m a mental health nurse, researcher, and professor.  Through years as a nurse for inpatient psychiatric units, through my research about mental health and illness, and teaching about the research and policy mental health, I’ve long tried to bring awareness and concern about individuals and families with mental […]


  American Voices: Lt. Commander Pam Wall

Lt. Commander Pam Wall discusses the unique advantages nurses have when it comes to delivering mental health care to wounded veterans.


  Military families struggle with the war at home

The emotional impact of combat on those serving in the military is well recognized. But what about the military families left behind? We profile three families to see the sacrifices military spouses and children make every day.


  The Watch List: The medication of foster children

Foster children are some of the most heavily medicated children in the nation. Need to Know investigates the use and potential overuse of powerful anti psychotics in our foster care systems, focusing on Texas, which has done much to reform its practices.


Among Asian-American women, a little known battle with depression

Depression has taken a quiet toll on the Asian-American community, and particularly women, who have a higher rate of suicide than women in other American groups.


Helping challenged kids during back-to-school time

Every child faces challenges when heading back to school. But back-to-school time can be exceptionally difficult for the 20 percent of children who suffer from a psychiatric or learning disorder.

How can we help our kids feel safe in unsafe times?

Last week, when news broke about the Times Square bomber, I was traveling between New York and Florida. Perhaps because I was in airports, I found myself thinking more than usual about fear and anxiety in post-9/11 America. When Faisal Shahzad’s face and Nissan Pathfinder appeared on major news networks, my wife and I had […]


The mental health care labyrinth

For people suffering from depression, misinformation abounds. Drugs work, or do they? Talk therapy is the answer, or is it?

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