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How will the recession, health care reform and new campaign financing rules affect the outcome on November 2?


Climate scientists prepare for new attacks after GOP wins

Climate scientists are preparing for new attacks from Republicans. But they don’t all agree on the right approach.


  Political climate change

Much has been said about the results of the midterm elections. But what about their impact on climate change? Need to Know talks to Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones to find out.


  Steve Brodner: In politics, every day is ‘opposite day’

Editorial cartoonist Steve Brodner looks at a politics the same way children play the game “opposite day,” by comparing what politicians do to what they say.


  Moynihan and the midterms

In this essay, Jon Meacham considers the legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and compares the relatively interactive political environment in which he lived to the collision of political extremities today.


What’s Obama done so far? New site tells you … colorfully

Need to Know talks to the creators of a new site that uses colorful language to reinvigorate disaffected Obama supporters.


Filmmaker seeks to change attitudes about America’s wars

Americans paid little attention to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the election. Laura Poitras wonders what, if anything, will change that.


Hey 19!

Women who voted yesterday were celebrating 90 years of being able to do so, plus one mom’s good advice.


GOP wins big, but statehouse victories may be bigger

Republicans will control the redrawing of large numbers of congressional districts after Tuesday’s midterm elections.


Photo: Surfing past the polls

We hope this means they’ve already cast their ballots.

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