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Remembering Memorial Day

Sometimes the meaning of Memorial Day gets lost among the rush to beaches and backyard BBQs. You can honor those who have served in a variety of ways — watch the Memorial Day Concert, record the history of a vet for the National Archives, or find resources for military families and returning vets. Explore: National Memorial […]


Looking back on Iraq

This week marks ten years since United States forces invaded Iraq in March, 2003. News outlets across the country have resurfaced their coverage of the American occupation, as well as produced new content about the repercussions of the decade-long conflict.


Putting the War on Terror under the law

In early February, a Department of Justice Office of Legal Council White Paper that summarized the White House’s legal reasoning for the war on terrorism leaked to the public. While the White Paper limited its discussion to why the White House can order lethal strikes against American citizens, it also contains some worrying hints about how […]


Lessons from Libya: Why America needs more language teachers

The idea that America has always been an English-only country promotes a false account of our past and our present. That false account justifies sweeping spending cuts in foreign language education that will make America less secure around the world, and less competitive in the global market



Today’s top-secret drone wars are moving warfare and international relations into the future. As the robotics revolution is poised to alter our relationship with war, here are five things to know about the drones of today and tomorrow.


  American Voices: Lt. Commander Pam Wall

Lt. Commander Pam Wall discusses the unique advantages nurses have when it comes to delivering mental health care to wounded veterans.


  Sonja Batten on veterans care

The V.A.’s deputy chief consultant for specialty mental health talks to Scott Simon about treating traumatized vets once they return home.


  American Voices: A combat doctor on caring for our returning veterans

Dr. Todd Baker, who ran an emergency room in a military hospital in Baghdad, offers ideas about how to care for returning vets.


Study suggests soldiers’ guilt is large driver of PTSD cases

A study finds that soldiers’ feelings of guilt about their wartime experiences could be a leading cause of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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