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  Need to Know: April 19, 2013: Mississippi Savings

A program designed to help low-income, mostly African-American children save for college – and teach them about banking and money along the way.


Photo: Under siege once again

The historic Civil War city of Vicksburg, Miss., is now inundated with water from Mississippi River flooding.


Photo: The high point

No new serious flooding expected from the mighty Mississippi.


AIDS in the Bible Belt

Why the Deep South is ground zero for the domestic AIDS epidemic.


Profiles from the recession: Riding the bus in Natchez, Miss.

A new and improved public transit system –funded with stimulus dollars — helps the poor get to work in rural Mississippi.


  Need to Know, September 3, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Record spending on political campaigns. An experimental jobs program in Mississippi. And the true cost of the federal bank bailout.


One step forward: A jobs program provides hope for the unemployed

Need to Know travels to Mississippi to see whether an experimental jobs program there can deliver hope to the unemployed.


Mississippi mayor leads charge against obesity epidemic

The adult obesity rate in Mississippi is the highest of any state. But one small-town mayor has made strides in improving the health of his community.

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