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What the frack is going on? Music video sums it up

Rap and a funky beat meet … hydraulic fracturing? In this music video, you’ll learn a surprising amount about natural gas extraction while busting a move.


  Filling a gap left by budget cuts, Chicago school offers coveted music education

The People’s Music School in Chicago is trying to fill the gap in music education left by budget cuts to public school music programs. The tough part? Getting in.


Decoding Jay-Z

The rap artist’s new book, “Decoded,” is part memoir, part commentary, and it overflows with photos of his New York. In this audio slideshow, writer Dream Hampton talks about collaborating with her longtime friend.


Photo: The music went missing

A swing era bandleader disappears while serving the war effort.


  Eugene Hütz, immigrant punk

Need to Know talks with Eugene Hütz, the front man for the gypsy-punk band Gogol Bordello, about his personal story of immigration and his advocacy for immigrant rights.


At World Cup, vuvuzela may give South African music a bad name

A South African musicologist fears the vuvuzela, which produces a loud droning noise on television, will give his country’s music a bad name.


The sounds after the storm

Need to Know spoke with three leading jazz thinkers about how Katrina and its aftermath have reshaped New Orleans’ music community.

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