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national security


Petraeus resigns from CIA

Petraeus is a decorated war veteran who has served in a number of different roles — most notably as Commander of the United States Central Command and subsequently as Commander of the U.S. and ISAF forces in Afghanistan.


  American Voices: Jon Meacham on saving our schools, and everything else we value

Jon Meacham discusses how education is key to the United States regaining its footing economically, as well as remaining a military power.


Herman Cain thinks Uzbekistan doesn’t matter. He’s wrong.

Herman Cain recently dismissed Uzbekistan as a country Americans shouldn’t care about. Joshua Foust explains why he’s wrong.


  Tom Kean on national security since 9/11

On the 10-year anniversary of September 11, 2001, Need to Know host Alison Stewart talks with the Chair of the 9/11 Commission, Tom Kean, about where our country has come since 9/11 in terms of security and what remains to be done.


Republicans offer starkly different views on Obama’s Afghanistan strategy

The GOP presidential candidates issued mostly muted responses to President Obama’s decision to withdraw 30,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year.


In turnaround, Republicans struggle to attack Obama on national security in first debate

“Republicans won’t have the historic advantage that they enjoyed for something like 30 years” on matters of national security, said one Democratic strategist.


The National Guard’s evolving mission

Producer Erin Chapman talks with Travis Sharp of the Center for a New American Century, a DC-based think tank focusing on military affairs and national security.


  Author Peter Bergen on the missteps in America’s ‘longest war’

Alison Stewart talks with author Peter Bergen about his latest book, which charts America’s prosecution of the ‘war on terror’ and al Qaeda’s continued strength as a movement.


Rick Nelson on counter-terrorism after 9/11

Need to Know discusses American anti-terrorism strategies, nine years after 9/11, with Rick Nelson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

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