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natural disasters


Learning from Sandy

By Eric Jaffe, Atlantic Cities | January 14, 2013 From a behavioral perspective, the hardest thing about adapting to the slow process of climate change is creating a sense of urgency. After a close call with Hurricane Irene a couple years back, and a horrible clash with Hurricane Sandy this past fall, New York is […]


Growing costs of natural disasters

Edward Tenner, The Atlantic As thousands of survivors of Superstorm Sandy still are unable to return to their homes and others remain without power, debate over public response is growing. Does the Federal flood insurance program need reform? Will a multibillion-dollar swinging gate, like one in Rotterdam, shield Manhattan at the cost of additional flooding […]


What’s happening with Hurricane Irene? Get updates throughout the weekend

The Climate Desk will be live-blogging Hurricane Irene as it nears landfall, in what some experts predict could be the most devastating storm to barrage the East Coast in history.


  Before and after the Minot flood, and a plan to rebuild

After flooding in the past two weeks, the city of Minot, North Dakota, is still largely underwater, but an ambitious plan is unfolding to protect it the next time. See interactive satellite images.


  Before and after: A controversial flood plan put to use

The town of Cairo, Ill., was saved last week when Army engineers opened a levee to divert surging floodwaters as part of a controversial plan first authorized in 1928.


  Before and after: Tuscaloosa in the tornadoes’ path

The tornadoes that tore across the south last week left a devastating trail of loss and destruction. Comparative satellite images provide a vivid portrait of what was lost.


The ‘Supermoon’

The moon will be really, really big on Saturday in a much-hyped event that some say causes natural disasters. Astronomers say: Nah.

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