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This week on Need to Know

Need to Know follows the money.


Reveal, rebuild, reconsider

So here it is. The NTK staff will be posting news, opinion, funny stuff, awkwardly revealing information about ourselves, and more, every day. We hope you’ll respond, a lot.


  Need to Know, August 20, 2010

This week on Need to Know: The religious history of lower Manhattan. The U.S. transition in Iraq. And best-selling author Gary Shteyngart, who absolutely loves “weiner dogs.”


  Need to Know, August 13, 2010

This week on Need to Know: An epidemic of gun violence in Chicago. Is the Google-Verizon a deal a pact for good, or evil? And Andy Borowitz takes a cue from JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater.


  Need to Know, July 9, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Women in the military’s elite bomb squad. Special courts for veterans. And BP’s “other” disaster in the Gulf. Plus: A special summer movie edition of Next Week’s News.


  Need to Know, May 28, 2010

Money laundering and Sandra Day O’Connor


The stories we Need to Know

Gun control, wind power, the drug war in Juarez, the birth control pill, soldiers heading off to Iraq, a Somali rapper. These, and many others are the stories you’ll hear on air and online in the coming weeks on Need to Know.

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