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Nobel Prize


A talk on the dark side with Brian Greene

Three American scientists specializing in dark energy were awarded the Nobel Prize in physics today. Win Rosenfeld talks to Brian Greene about why dark energy has been a top priority for the astrophysics community in recent years.


Photo: Wee blind mice

The Nobel Prize-winning research where mice and glowing jellyfish meet.


The big, little substance graphene

It’s super thin and super strong, and two U.K. scientists just won a Nobel prize for discovering it. But what the heck is graphene?


Chinese Twitter users support Nobel winner, despite censors

A sample of Chinese Twitter users’ reactions to Liu Xiaobo’s winning of the Nobel Peace Prize.


  After ‘Glaciergate,’ UN panel on climate change mulls reforms

Need to Know talks with the man who reviewed the work of the UN’s Nobel Prize-winning climate science body, the IPCC, which has been accused of some embarrassing errors, such as ‘Glaciergate.’

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