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nuclear power


  Germany’s green revolution

What would it take to transform the whole country’s electric grid–to shut down all of its old power plants, and move to a system that generates electricity exclusively from renewable resources?


  The case against nuclear power

Maria Hinojosa interviews Damon Moglen, Climate and Energy Director for Friends of the Earth, who says nuclear power will not solve our country’s energy and environmental problems.


  The nuclear option: Should the U.S. invest more, not less, in nuclear energy?

Despite Japan’s Fukushima disaster, now is not the time for America to give up on nuclear energy, says MIT Professor Richard K. Lester.


Poll: The future of nuclear power in the U.S.

Do you think nuclear power in the United States should be increased, reduced, or kept at its current level?


Is a nuclear renaissance possible?

Will nuclear power itself be a casualty of the tragic events in Japan? Robert Fri explains how we can, and why we should, keep it in the mix.


Photo: Our own nuclear event

In the early morning hours of March 28, 1979, a mechanical failure at the Unit 2 reactor at Three Mile Island began a chain reaction of events that led to the worst accident in the history of U.S. nuclear power industry.


VII Magazine: Revisiting Chernobyl

As Japan’s nuclear crisis intensifies, VII Magazine features Antonin Kratochvil’s haunting images and videos of the vast destruction caused by the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl.


  Need to Know, September 24, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Rape as a weapon of war in Congo. An experimental program to fight childhood obesity. And exploring what to do about nuclear waste.

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