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Occupy Wall Street


Is a liberal arts degree worth it?

What does calligraphy have to do with computing? The governor of Florida wants to cut funding to non-science departments at public universities. But the liberal arts have served as a crucial source of inspiration for innovators like Steve Jobs.


Photo: Oakland, occupied

Tension continued to grip the city of Oakland after dramatic clashes between the police and “Occupy” protesters on Tuesday night.


Caught off guard, Republican leaders offer mixed messages on Occupy Wall Street protests

Republicans have been caught off guard by the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has shifted the conversation away from government debt and toward economic fairness.


Finding clarity of purpose at Occupy Wall Street

Contrary to the pervasive charges of “vagueness” levied at the movement, author Francine Prose applauds the protesters’ clarity of understanding of the most basic social and economic realities.


  The politics of resentment, from the tea party to Occupy Wall Street

This election season, there is a prevailing sentiment that our lives are being made worse by powerful interests that are beyond our reach. But the feeling is hardly new.


  Kate Zernike on disaffection and the tea party

What are the motivations behind the tea party movement and what can we expect from it in next year’s elections? New York Times journalist Kate Zernike joins Jeff Greenfield to discuss.


The psychology of Occupy Wall Street, or why we don’t always favor wealth redistribution

A new study explains why some people are opposed to wealth redistribution. But that’s not all that’s going on with protests like Occupy Wall Street and the tea party.


Poll: Whom do you blame for the country’s ills?

Whom do you blame for the country’s ills? Take our poll and leave us comments.


What’s motivating the 99 percent? Herman Cain says it’s jealousy, others say it’s fear

Republicans have condemned the Occupy Wall Street protests as an example of class warfare. But a closer analysis reveals another motivation: fear.

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