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  Up for grabs

Can the democrats come out on top in Ohio?


  Need to Know, August 31, 2012: A battle for votes in Ohio

Looking ahead to next week’s Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, we report on the effort by Dems to carry the state of Ohio.


  Jeff Greenfield on Ohio’s presidential past

A look at Ohio’s place in the history of presidential elections.


  The battle for Ohio

Will the GOP win Ohio in the 2012 election?


The importance of Ohio

This week, while covering the Republican National convention from Tampa, we focus on the state of Ohio and the critical win there either candidate most likely must receive to win the 2012 election. We’ve put together a primer on why this state has so much importance in 2012 and its history within national politics. The […]


  The state of Ohio: Are recent economic gains helping struggling Americans?

In an updated Help Wanted edition of Need to Know, correspondent John Larson reports from Ohio about whether recent economic gains have changed the fortunes of people who suffered during the recession.


  Economic impact in Northwest and West Central Ohio

WBGU explores the state of the Toledo and Lima economies since 2008.


  Help Wanted: Revisiting the uncounted millions

Need to Know revisits four middle-class workers in Ohio to examine the financial dilemmas and uncertainty faced by employed American workers in today’s economy.


  Help wanted: The uncounted millions

Correspondent John Larson travels to Cuyahoga County in northern Ohio for an in-depth look at Americas job crisis. Even some of those with work there are feeling extraordinarily insecure struggling to pay their bills as their pay stagnates and their hours and benefits decline.

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