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  Youngstown, Ohio: the incredible shrinking city

How do the industrial cities of the Rust Belt deal with massive population losses? Youngstown, Ohio, is trying to return the city to its former greatness, albeit on a smaller scale.


In Youngstown, a house now abandoned was a home

In the city of Youngstown, Ohio, whose landscape is littered with abandoned and decaying houses, it is hard to remember that many of these dilapidated structures were once homes. Here is one story of a house that was once filled with life.


  Are public employee unions to blame for states’ budget woes?

Governors from across the country say that public union workers’ salaries and benefits are wreaking havoc with their state budgets. But are state workers really to blame for the economic plight of states?

Could Phil Davison be the next president of the United States?

A viral stump speech set against a backdrop of inspirational music.


Interview with Phil Davison, the man behind one of the most intense stump speeches ever

In his first post-fame interview, Phil Davison talks about his frustration with unemployment, his “radical” political beliefs and his next career move.

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