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oil spill


Nigerian author Helon Habila mixes oil and water in new novel

For all the outrage directed at BP after last year’s oil spill, the destruction wreaked by the oil industry in the Niger delta goes unchallenged. Novelist Helon Habila addresses the calamity in a new novel.


  One year after BP’s oil disaster, Grand Isle residents still struggle

On the one-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we return to the community of Grand Isle, La., to see how families and business owners are faring.


Dolphins and sea turtles: The latest BP oil casualties?

This year, more sea turtles and dolphins have been turning up dead on Florida beaches. Is oil the culprit? A network of Gulf Coast broadcasters reports on post-Deepwater life in the region.


Photo: Penguins in peril

The MS Olivia, a Malta-registered cargo ship carrying 66,000 tons of soya beans and 1,650 tons of crude oil, ran aground last week in a remote British South Atlantic archipelago and broke in two.


Disaster tourism

Photos of disaster, recovery and my 10-month-old son posing with a bunch of drag queens.

Wednesday morning roundup

Fidel Castro on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, General Petraeus on “Burn a Quran day” and President Obama on the Bush tax cuts.


The disappearing delta

Need to Know revisits a report about the erosion of the wetlands along the Louisiana coastline — New Orleans’ natural buffer against hurricanes.


Gulf seafood

Lingering memories of petroleum-covered wildlife might make you wary of a shrimp kebab or grouper sandwich.


  Should you eat Gulf seafood?

Having second thoughts about that shrimp kebab or grouper sandwich? Alison Stewart tells you what you need to know about eating seafood from the Gulf.

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