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  Need to Know, October 26, 2012: The voter fraud debate, opposition research in the digital age and Dean Obeidallah

This week, Need to Know’s Rick Carr reports on controversial changes to election rules in the battleground state of Florida- will they root out voter fraud or keep legitimate voters from the polls?


  Unearthing the ‘47 percent’ video

Remember the “47 percent” video that went viral and put the Mitt Romney presidential campaign into a mad scramble? How about the time Elizabeth Warren was called out for claiming she was Native American? Ever wonder how these revelations were unearthed? Perhaps it was a shrewd investigative reporter, or a paid employee from an opposing […]


  ‘Gotcha’ videos gone wild

A new generation of opposition researchers are harnessing the power of the web to upend campaigns and reshape the political conversation this election season.

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