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Photo: Love is in the air

Hearts for sale along a road in Islamabad, Pakistan.


Photo: English as a second language

School is in session, even when there is no schoolhouse.


Pakistan’s paradox

Islam stresses tolerance, but many Pakistanis celebrated the murder of a man who stressed it too, writes a Pakistani journalist.


Photo: A red balloon and a toy gun

An Afghan refugee boy points his toy gun at the photographer while playing with other boys in a neighborhood of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


  Frank Wisner on the state of American diplomacy

Does talking really get results? Need to Know takes a look at the state of President Obama’s foreign policy strategy with former diplomat Frank Wisner, a friend of late Richard Holbrooke.


Five things you need to know about the Afghanistan War review

The Obama administration’s review is clear about the preferred outcomes; what’s missing is any sense of how to achieve them, writes Joshua Foust.


In Pakistan and Afghanistan, what does 30 dead really mean?

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, militants are killed or arrested in groups of 30 with bizarre frequency. Joshua Foust suspects it’s just shorthand for “we think we got a few bad guys.”


Storm in the Swat valley

In Pakistan’s Swat valley, the aftermath of a violent Taliban invasion and army counter-offensive was interrupted by even more destructive devastation from this summer’s massive floods. Tomas van Houtryve’s haunting video and photo slideshow documents the valley’s efforts to find refuge while still stockpiling weaponry and ammunition.


Terrorism in China?

Members of China’s Muslim Uighur minority have clashed, sometimes violently, with the authorities, and Beijing has used the threat of terror to crackdown on them.

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