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Paul Ryan


Don’t interrupt me while I’m interrupting

At the vice presidential debate in Danville, Kentucky, the number of interruptions between the candidates seems to have exceeded prior debates by a large margin.


Where do Republicans stand on abortion exemption?

by Suevon Lee, ProPublica, Aug. 21, 2012, 4:41 p.m.   A Missouri congressman’s startling remarks about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy have set off a torrent of criticismfrom his fellow Republicans as well as from Democrats. And the episode has made the abortion issue an unwelcome focus for GOP candidates nationwide. Key leaders in the Republican […]


  Presidentiality: ‘Class warfare?’

Republicans are accusing Obama of waging “class warfare.” But America’s fights over class and wages have been much worse — and much bloodier — in years past.


The battle over Medicare and Medicaid

What would the Republicans’ newly proposed changes to Medicare and Medicaid mean to Americans? With interviews and animation, Need to Know delves into the details.

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