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Peter Sagal


  Peter Sagal’s advice for Democrats

This week, Republicans in the House of Representatives made good on their promise to vote to repeal health care reform. Democrats in the Senate have vowed to block the new legislation, but one thing is certain: the battle is not over. On this week’s edition of “Just Ask,” Peter Sagal offers some counterintuitive advice to Democrats.


  Just ask Peter Sagal: How to make billions in kids’ lit

Peter Sagal lays out the formula for becoming a bestselling children’s book author. Follow these easy steps, and watch the billions roll in.


  Just ask Peter Sagal: Advice for President Obama

Peter Sagal offers some advice to a certain down-in-the-dumps Leader of the Free World.


  Just Ask Peter Sagal: How to survive the holidays

In this special Thanksgiving edition of “Just Ask,” Peter Sagal shares some tips on how to survive a holiday family gathering.


  Just ask Peter Sagal: Advice for unemployed public servants

In this installment of Just Ask, Peter Sagal offers some words of wisdom to recently unemployed members of Congress.


  Just ask Peter Sagal: Political debates

Need to Know’s Peter Sagal offers some helpful suggestions to candidates facing eleventh hour political debates.


Muffingate, or the making of a PBS-style euphemism

There’s no question that Peter Sagal is a perfect addition to the Need to Know family; he’s funny, insightful and game to take on the tricky role of show closer. But his first three-minute essay came with a problem we hadn’t run into before: How do we say a dirty word without saying a dirty word?


This week on Need to Know

Joblessness in America and a new contributor joins Need to Know.

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