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“Presidentiality” is a web-exclusive video series that dissects what the candidates are saying, doing and promising on the campaign trail. Each episode takes the language of the 2012 election out of the political realm and deconstructs it through the lenses of historical precedent, economic theory and science. Produced by Sal Gentile and Win Rosenfeld.


  Presidentiality: Are colleges encouraging atheism?

Are colleges anti-religion? Our “Presidentiality” series examines a claim by Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum that higher education breeds secularism.


  Presidentiality: The science behind Rick Perry’s brain freeze

Rick Perry suffered from a potentially campaign-wrecking lapse of memory at the Republican debate this week. Presidentiality looks at the science behind Perry’s embarrassing brain melt.


  Presidentiality: Herman Cain and the electrified fence

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain wants to build an electrified fence on the U.S.-Mexico border that could “kill” illegal immigrants. But as history shows, immigrants have braved much worse in pursuit of a new and better life on American soil.


  Presidentiality: ‘Dr. Keynes’

Republicans have come to revile the famed economist John Maynard Keynes, revealing a rift between how Democrats and the GOP view the economic crisis.


  Presidentiality: ‘Class warfare?’

Republicans are accusing Obama of waging “class warfare.” But America’s fights over class and wages have been much worse — and much bloodier — in years past.


  Presidentiality: ‘Revenge!’

Why do we cheer for the death penalty? After an incident at a recent Republican debate, Presidentiality looks back at thousands of years of evolution, to understand why human beings get off on retribution.


  Presidentiality: ‘Treason?’

In this new web series, Need to Know dissects the rhetoric of the campaign trail. This week: The annals of “treason” are filled with some of history’s most reviled traitors. Now, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has suggested a new candidate: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

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