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prison reform


  Adam Gelb on prison reform in Texas

Jeff Greenfield speaks with Adam Gelb, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on correction policies, about Texas’s policy of keeping fewer convicts in prison.


The politics of punishment: Q&A with prison-reform advocate Marc Mauer

Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, talks to NTK’s Tamy Cozier about prison growth and reform in the U.S.


  Texas justice

How did an unlikely alliance between left and right lead to a revolution in how criminals are treated in Texas? Need to Know’s Maria Hinojasa explains.


  Free at last: The David Lewis story

David Lewis, a prison reform advocate who founded the organization Free At Last, saved lives. Then last month, his own life was taken, and the crime remains unsolved.


  Need to Know, July 30, 2010

This week on Need to Know: Could the WikiLeaks be dangerous? 100 days after the start of the oil spill in the Gulf, we check in on an ailing community in Grand Isle. Plus a look back at the life of prison reform advocate David Lewis.

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