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  The drone next door

What has mainly been an aerial asset for the U.S. military in countries like Afghanistan or Pakistan is now being used increasingly on the home front – raising some serious legal questions about how to best balance citizens’ rights with law-enforcement goals.


Can the police use GPS to spy on you? Supreme Court leaves big questions unanswered

The Supreme Court said Monday that GPS tracking is unconstitutional. But what about cell phones, email or Facebook? The court left those questions unanswered.


Should the police be able to track your every move? Supreme Court grapples with GPS surveillance case

The Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a GPS tracking case that could have profound implications for how the government uses technology to track Americans’ movements.


When can cops gain access to my personal info on Facebook?

The rules aren’t always clear, and you might not know when it happens, writes G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting.


Commerce Department calls for online ‘privacy bill of rights,’ but advocates balk

The Commerce Department issued a report calling for new online privacy rules. But consumer advocates criticized the recommendations as pro-business.


TSA’s ‘Blogger Bob’ separates myth from fact in pat-downgate

The Transportation Security Administration’s own blogger separates myth from fact in the uproar over new security measures, but he is often thoroughly rebuffed in the comments section.


Frank Rizzo and Pennsylvania’s 56-year legacy of police spying

Wrongful surveillance and later apologies continue decades after scandal


Google Street View angers advocates, but can it see inside your car?

Airports aren’t the only place to find companies selling X-ray scanners


License-plate readers becoming a fixture in local police arsenals

Automatic license-plate readers can give police a wealth of information, including whether a car is stolen or if the driver has unpaid tickets. But opponents say they violate privacy.

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